How to Create a Powerful Website Design

In creating an effective and powerful website design, web owners should not only consider how good their website looks but also how users find your site easy to use. It is not the web owners who decide if the website design is good or not, this is something I learned managing the website for these bristol surveyors and this personal trainer manchester business, but it is actually the user’s experience that would determine if you were able to create a powerful web layout.

There are certain principles that govern website designing. A good website should cater the needs of its user. Do your web visitors get what they need from your site? Are they able to get the information they are looking for? Your website should fulfill the need of your users. Each page of the website should be designed to cater a specific need and a clear purpose.

Gina Smith runs a roll compactor manufacturers business and turf company and notes “Your web visitors want to get what they need quickly. So it is very important that your website is able to communicate clearly to your readers. The information posted in your site should be easy to read with good and readable fonts. It is also important that you organize the information by putting headlines and sub headlines. You can also use bullet points, instead of long sentences so your readers won’t have difficulty in reading the text.”

When it comes to fonts, Greg P. a web design professional and marketing director for this medical spa milwaukee clinic and also these concrete contractors recommends “Generally, Verdana and Arial are the preferred fonts online. It looks very good online and it is perfect for reading. The ideal font size is 16 px.”

Luke Callou runs the websites for this waterfall taps store and this botox Milton Keynes clinic online and says “To enhance your user experience, it is also good to choose the appropriate color of the website. Use complimentary colors so your site will have balance and harmony. To make the reading a lot easier, use contrasting colors so your readers can easily read the text. Do not use vibrant colors except for call to action buttons. Using white or blank spaces are also very effective in making your site look uncluttered. It also helps to make your site appear more modern.”